Harry Lehmann - Philosoph


Harry Lehmann is a philosopher currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. His area of theoretical work lies in the fields
of aesthetics, art philosophy, music philosophy, systems theory, and social theory. His writings include books, critical articles
and catalogue essays on contemporary art, literature and New Music.



»Digitization and Concept: A Thought Experiment Concerning New Music«, in: Search. Journal for New Music and Culture, Issue 7/2010.

»Why the socialist states failed in respect of design«, dialog by Harry Lehmann and Wolfgang Ullrich, in: Villa Sovietica. Soviet Objects:
Import-Export, Musée d’ethnographie de Genève 2009, S. 175-183.

»The Image of the Capsular Society. On the conceptual Painting of Tjebbe Beekman«, in: Tjebbe Beekman, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag 2008, p. 5-32.

»Avant-garde Today. A Theoretical Model of Aesthetic Modernity«, in: Critical Composition Today, Hofheim: Wolke 2006, p. 9-42.